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News of the Realm

The Bishop of Westmark Returning!

The Bishop of Westmark, spiritual leader to all of Northern Koragg has sent his emissaries announcing his immenent arrival. These very same emissaries have pronnounced a holiday to celebrate the return of Bishop Maxwell, and have sent invitations to the Monks of F.E.A.R. and the Teutonic Knights beckoning them attend. It is expected that during this celebration all priests, monks, and clerics from throughout the entire realm will pledge obedience to the Bishop as the supreme pontif of all of Koragg.

Everything for the Game Master

Terrakulis is a self-contained fantasy setting with a fast-playing system to maximize storytelling and minimize tedious die rolling and chart consultation. Modular in construction, parts of the game system, schools of magic, monsters, pregenerated NPC's, etc, may all be easily added to an existing game or campaign to add novelty and fresh surprises for the players; or the entire system and setting may be used by advanced DM's who are tired of endless die-rolling and chart-consulting getting in the way of their story-telling and the players enjoyment of their characters adventures in the sidereal universe that their DM spends so much time and effort to present to them!

Bishop Maxwell, Bishop of Westmark Ladies of the Court of the Duke Duke Zargon and Ulrich Von Kleevenhacken Charles the Bold swears fealty to the Teutonic Knights Grond, lieutenant of Korr Isilrandir, Queen of the Elves, on her throne The Sorcerer Supreme, Sonderlek The Wizard Inger and his newfound love interest, the Wench


The Terrakulis Challenge

Having play tested this system for 30 years, we are so sure of the internal cohesion of this system, that we challenge you to find contradictions in the characters, spells, histories, maps that are contained herewithin. There may be prizes awarded to anyone who successfully does point out a contradiction within any document or documents.

Gygax Was Wrong!

Much is owed to Gary Gygax as the author/creator of D&D, and the progenitor of FRP games in general. On the other hand, just because you are the first, does NOT mean you are the best.


Gygax was very fond of saying that one had to strike a balance between simulation and playability, which after years of repetition took on the monolithic characteristics of a commandment carved in stone, rather than the lame excuse of an incompetent game designer that it truly is. Nonetheless, other game designers have swallowed this load of malarkey, and have been positively dogmatic about repeating and amplifying Gygax’s design mistakes. Go take a look at the vast plethora of Medieval/fantasy video games and what do you see? Character classes, hit points, experience points, treasure points, levels and all the other ill-conceived and poorly designed hallmarks of D&D are still being laboriously copied like a hackneyed gospel to this very day!

Poor Designs Repeated

Gygax also had a tendency to want to reinvent the wheel every two seconds. His psionics system is simply his magic system by another name with its own ridiculously over-complicated and ultimately unnecessary rule system to further bog down play.

Gygax used playability vs. simulation as an excuse. Psionics is a good example of a part of the system which was a lousy simulation and unplayable at the same time.

Fantasy Role Playing Game Design Reconsidered

Copying this flawed system would yield nothing but another flawed system. Band-aiding the many ill-conceived design concepts of D&D does not improve simulation and certainly not playablity. Instead Terrakulis offers an integrated modular system for fantasy roleplay. Inside, find a game system built to allow players faster paced play, a robustly detailed environment, a comprehensive magic system, and an elegant and simple combat system.

FRP Supplies

Role  Playing Character Sheets

Wow players with pregenerated cards for

They comes with Stats, Histories, Strengths, & Illustrations

Role  Playing Maps

Improve play with Cohesive Backgrounds

Role Playing Magic

Spellbooks from the Terrakulan Grand Grimoire

  • Individual Spells
  • Area Affected
  • Duration of Effects
  • Detailed Descriptions